Monday, June 15, 2009

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals: The Reason Everyone should have an InboxDollars Account

I've said elsewhere that CashCrate has arguably the best bonus structure of GPT sites, with a two-tier program. You get 20% of your direct referrals earnings, and 10% of their referrals earnings. Also you receive 3 dollars for every referral that completes 10 dollars worth of offers.

InboxDollars on the other hand only gives you 10% of your referrals' earnings. So why bother? The key to making referral revenue is finding a site that people will actually participate in. If you simply sign up under me, but don't complete any offers, then I've accomplished nothing. So I like CashCrate because it has a great referral structure and the offers are easy to complete. Most people are at least going to participate until they can cash out.

But InboxDollars is perhaps a better referral site because people keep reading the paid emails for a very long time. It's easy to forget about a site like CashCrate or Squishy Cash, but it's hard to convince yourself to not click on an email that pays you. So once again, I say that InboxDollars in a way is not the premier GPT site, but it is a MUST HAVE.

Here are some tips to get referrals.

1. Create a blog! (Wish I had thought of that). Your blog does not have to be about InboxDollars like this one is. Blog about whatever you like and just put a link to InboxDollars like this one as an advertisement. GPT websites are attractive to a very wide audience in the first place.

2. Frequent GPT forums where people discuss good GPT sites, find someone who needs a little help and offer him or her your assistance with your knowledge of InboxDollars

.3. Business Cards/Flyers: Try putting these in the public library or a college dormitory.

4. Make a YouTube video with links and helpful hints. That's what captured my trust.

5. Be creative and understand that "passive" income takes dedication and ingenuity.

These are the rudiments of InboxDollars. There is much more to the site, but now you know the basics. So go ahead and join today and get a piece of the action!

Getting Started with InboxDollars

If you are completely new to GPT websites like InboxDollars then the following tips will be invaluable to helping you make money quickly with much less hassle. There are 3 things you should do BEFORE joining InboxDollars. In other words, It's best to sharpen your axe first, it'll save you time and effort in the long run:The first piece of advice you will thank me for is Roboform . Roboform allows you to fill out personal information with one click. There's a free version and that's all you need. You can customize a form-filler-outer specifically for your CashCrate offers (which might have different personal information than say your driver's license)Second, If you haven't already, create a separate email account specifically for use with InboxDollars. You will have to give out an email address to complete every offer so I advise that not be your "real" account.Also, several offers ask you for your phone number, and telemarketers can be relentless. Please don't give them your sorry ex's phone number. Go to to create a free internet voicemail that you can give out when completing InboxDollars offers.Now you're all set! If you haven't already, now go to to register your free account with InboxDollars.Once you're "in", you will see multi-colored tabs on the left of the page which clearly marks the sites cool features. Under "My Account" click on "Current Earnings" and see that you already have 5 dollars just for signing up. The paid emails will come to your inbox soon; you don't have to do anything to prompt that other than join InboxDollars. You want to make money as quickly as possible to make sure this is for real so let me suggest click on the "profile surveys" tab under "My Account". You will be paid a dollar just to complete these surveys about yourself. Also, the type of paid emails you receive will depend on your answers here.So within a half hour you will have made 6 dollars and if you check your inbox now you should see your first pay-to-click emial. Click until you see a link that says "Confirm Reading this Email" Click the confirmation and you will instantly be credited with a few cents. So hopefully this will help you get started! Go ahead and join and get your piece of the pie. And look forward to more of my posts on how to make the most of your experience on InboxDollars. Interested in other GPT websites? Check out my blog on CashCrate at .

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is InboxDollars a Legitimate Way to Make money?

InboxDollars is the fastest, easiest way to make a little bit of money everyday. How can you know that InboxDollars is not a scam? Because joining InboxDollars is free and they will never ask for your bank account information! This is the key to finding a good GPT website. A good website will not charge you for membership to the site and will never ask for your bank account information.

InboxDollars is well maintenanced and has a proven track record of payouts.

PROS of Inbox Dollars.
*They will give you 5 dollars just to sign up for free
*They will pay you to simply read emails (the most unique feature, this is)
*They will not ask for your Bank Account Information
*You can make money playing games on their site like Jeapordy or Wheel of Fortune
*Several high-paying cash offers
*Professional site. I only expect it to improve.

InboxDollars, at this moment, is not the premier GPT (Get paid to) Website by any means (CashCrate is THE best site in my humble opinion), but InboxDollars is worth joining for the PAID EMAILS if nothing else. They only payout a few cents per email, but hey, you get paid just for clicking a button saying that you read the email. So you've got nothing to lose by joining. Also a very unique feature of InboxDollars is that they pay you to play some really awesome games. So that beats paying to play for sure.

CONS of InboxDollars:
*Instructions for completing offers are not always clear
*Minimum Payout is 30 Dollars.
*Less Free Offers than CashCrate and other GPT sites.

To be clear, InboxDollars is a GPT that everyone should join, although if you had to choose just one, this would not be it. BUT you don't have to choose just one, so join InboxDollars today-the only GPT site that pays you to play games and read emails!